Educational Games for Kids - All in One

Kids Game All in 1 is the best educational games for children. This is an application contains 12 games was designed for children.
This game will help your child learning something! Teach them reading, spelling, logic, reactive, compound words, and more!
This is a perfect learning game for your kids aged 3-6.
Download Game:
- Android: Educational Games for Kids
- iOS: ....

These games children will learn:
    + Find animal: learning animal name, spelling, and animal sound.
    + Find the different image: Your child will learn the different about color, shape...
    + Learning color.
    + Logic game: Match an image with shadow.
    + Quiz: Choose the correct picture on demand
    + Spot difference between 2 picture - your child will be training observation skills.
    + Traffic game - help your child identify vehicles.
    + Learning shape - learning shape and recognizing objects with similar shape
    + Piano game with piano, flute, harp, violin, music box, guitar sound.
    + Tap the bug.
    + Fishing game.
    + Cat dress up.
    + Coloring book.
    + Tangram with number.
    + Kids touch.

Perfect for kids and toddler who need a fun and educational game to play.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions, to add a specific sound, to fix a bug or any other improvements you think will help this making a great app.

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